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P2P, chat and messaging, all in one app


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With Filetopia, you'll enjoy multiple features all in one program: chat, P2P, instant messenger, etc. The application can adapt to different kinds of users: it offers a simpler structure with limited options for novices as well as an expert mode with more customizable options, like managing a list of channels or displaying the route, for more experienced users. In addition, the software includes a wizard to set up the client, making it easier to use.

Filetopia also includes a complete messenger service with features designed to keep your chats fun and safe at the same time. In addition, each chat room lets you search for local files and information about lists, logs, or messages. Create your own community or join any of the thousands that already exist. All you have to do is sign up and contribute. You can organize your space freely to have all the information in one window or distributed among several virtual monitors. You can also stay informed at all times, even when the software is minimized, thanks to its notification tab.

The main objection regarding this application is that you need to give it full access to your computer in order to make the search results available. If you configure the program to restrict access to your files, then search access will be restricted to you as well.
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